Working Groups

AIRA's has three Working Groups that provide members with an an opportunity to participate in policy making, advocacy and content development work undertaken by the the Association.

AIRA Capital Markets Working Group

The objective of the Working Group is to provide a collaborative forum between AIRA & G100 to better represent listed entities on capital market issues and to promote the efficient functioning of the Australasian Capital Markets. These issues could include debt or equity related matters. As necessary, the Working Group may develop and maintain relationships with other industry bodies in relation to capital markets issues.

Innovation in Technology for Investor Communications Working Group

The object of this Working Group includes reviewing and assessing technology advancement, and issues and risks associated with technology, to deliver effective investor communications strategies in line with AIRA’s Best Practice Investor Relations Guidelines. The Working Group may also review any proposed regulatory changes surrounding the use of technology as an effective platform to communicate with shareholders and agree on, and take up, an industry position when necessary.

AIRA Conference Working Group

This Working Group is tasked with the development of content and relevant speakers for AIRA's annual conference.   To ensure the wider IR community has a voice, the Working Group comprises individuals that provide diversity across sector, market capitalisation, geographic location and industry experience.