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Emerging Companies Virtual Investor Relations Chapter

About the AIRA Emerging Companies Virtual IR Chapter (ECVIRC)

IRA is delighted to announce the launch of a new virtual chapter to open dialogue amongst emerging companies, that is, those outside of the ASX 150 and NZ 20, on Investor Relations (IR) practices, capital markets and shareholder engagement. The audience is expected to comprise two groups:

  1. Shared IR – where IR forms part of a broader role remit and is owned by CEO, CFO, Company Secretary and / or other manager within the company, or a

  2. Dedicated IR resource that solely focuses on developing and executing an effective IR strategy.

At its simplest the role of investor relations (IR) is to ensure the company’s shares trade at fair value, this is largely achieved by effectively communicating the company strategy to the market and market feedback to the company. The reality is that effective IR is complex and smaller companies operate in a unique context.

The new ECVIRC provides much needed support, mentoring and networking for this specific group that focuses on issues relevant to them as well as providing a clear understanding of the importance of IR and, done well, what impact it can have on the company.

The ECVIRC will offer:

  • A regular online meeting portal – meetings will be held every second month and will be offered online via webcast. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the course of the meeting.

  • Access to a Corporate Calendar of Events through an App or website interface that allows companies to view key company dates to avoid unnecessary clashes.

  • IR 101 online training modules tailored to emerging companies - it is intended that these training sessions be between 15 – 20 minutes and provide guidance on the specifics of each of the topics – what, where, why and how!

  • Access to an Online Emerging Companies Virtual Discussion Network.

  • Access to a specialist IRMarketPlace of emerging company service providers.