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JOHN MURRAY, Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Amcor Limited

John has long been recognised as one of the greats. He is an extremely passionate industry participant - highly engaged with IROs on many levels and always happy to share his knowledge with the wider IR Community. He served six years as a Director of AIRA and was Chairman from 2007 – 2009. During this time his leadership was instrumental in shaping the future of the association, and in ensuring that its key objectives were kept relevant to its membership.

JILL CAMPBELL, Group General Manager, Investor Relations, ANZ Banking Group Limited

Jill’s knowledge and passion for the industry is demonstrated by her extensive contribution and participation at AIRA events. She is always willing to be part of the dialogue around industry standards and its future direction, and has chaired a working party to update AIRA’s Best Practice Guidelines. She has been marked as “one of the best” by the investment community, and has served two terms on the AIRA board.

WARWICK BRYAN, Executive General Manager, Investor Relations, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Warwick is a seasoned IR professional with over 20 years in the industry. Throughout this time he has trained and mentored many IRO’s. He is a regular participant and host of AIRA’s state chapter events, and has spoken at, or arranged speakers for countless annual conferences and seminars. Warwick is also the inaugural Chair of AIRA’s Issues Committee. He is an absolute professional who through his day-to-day work has raised the standards and profile of the IR industry in Australia and New Zealand.

PHILIP KING,  Group General Manager, Investor & Capital Markets, Fletcher Building Limited

Philip is well-known as an industry leader both here and in New Zealand. He is a major supporter of AIRA and is always an integral part of any NZ IR programme. With huge helpings of passion and experience he is always willing to offer his services as communicator and thought-leader. Philip was a founding director of AIRA, and is a ‘serial winner’ of Best Investor Relations by a New Zealand Company.

DAVID SHIRER, Group General Manager, Investor Relations, Toll Holdings Limited

David has long been an advocate for the industry and is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with his peers and the wider IR community. David served on the AIRA board for six years. During this time he assisted with the transition of the association’s membership structure. He was also instrumental in representing the view of ex-100 stocks at a board level. David’s contribution to the industry goes way above and beyond the call of duty.

ANDREW BOWDEN,  Head of Investor Relations, Westpac Group

Andrew always represents the industry with spirit and integrity. He is a regular contributor to, and speaker at, key industry events, and was a founding director of AIRA and served on the Board from 2001 – 2006. He was actively involved in AIRA’s transition from individual to corporate membership and the development of AIRA’s Diploma of Investor Relations.