Certified Investor Relations Officer Program


Please note, only applicants who have completed all elements of AIRA's Certified Investor Relations Officer Program will have access to the exam enrollment.  Please log in to access the registration page.

One hour


Closed book




12 Questions - Multiple choice

AIRA's learning management system will select questions randomly from a question pool.

Assumed Knowledge:

  • AIRA's Diploma of Investor Relations (content and reference materials  v2020)
  • AIRA three online Investor Relations Advanced Professional Development courses
  • Professional reading as expected of an executive
Exam Content:

Exam questions have been developed:

  • to identify themes from AIRA courses (for example, timely disclosure / materiality)
  • to provide context of situations that have occurred over the last two years (not identified).
  • allow candidates to make a judgement proposing a view that would be legal, ethical, accepted by the market and in the best interests of the company.
Pass Mark:

65% (Applicants will be notified immediately on completing the exam of their result.)


The examination fee is included in the Certified Investor Relations Program application fee.  This includes an allowance for up to one re-sit should a student need require it. 

Exam Eligibility Criteria:

Only candidates who have completed all elements of AIRA's Certified Investor Relations Program are eligible to sit this examination.

Candidates have 12 months from the date they attend the course to sit the online exam.
Outside of that time, candidates are required to undertake the full Program again at their own cost.


On being awarded the AIRA Certified Investor Relations Officer professional designation, a candidate is able to use the post-nominals CIRO (AIRA).

Exam Supervision:

To allow candidates to complete the AIRA Certified Investor Relations Officer examination without the need for a nominated supervisor, the exam will be conducted using ProctorFree Software – an on-demand student authentication system for online testing.  Software will be required to be downloaded ahead of starting the exam.  To do this simply follow the instructions that pop up on your screen once you've entered the exam platform.

Please note, to undertake the exam you will require a computer that has:

  1. Microphone
  2. Camera
  3. WIFI
  4. Please note, multiple screens are NOT permitted.

Once you have completed and submitted the exam, please click “FINISH” on the ProctorFree video image to stop the software. You may wish to uninstall the software once you have completed the exam.

The terms of the use for this software are bound the following Privacy Terms and Conditions:

ProctorFree        AIRA
Alternatively, we will still permit a nominated supervisor to monitor a students exam.  Should you wish to use this alternative, please arrange it with the AIRA Secretariat via email administration@aira.org.au or by calling +61 2 9872 9100.
Exam re-sit:

In the case where a candidate does not achieve the 65% pass mark, there is one exam re-sit allowed.
Candidates who require a re-sit, can do so by contacting the AIRA Secretariat by email administration@aira.org.au or by calling +61 2 9872 9100.

Where to sit the exam:

Candidates are able to choose a location and time of their choice to sit the online exam, should they use the on-demand student authentication software. Candidates who choose to have a nominated supervisor will need to organise a time and date for the exam to be made available.

The process to follow:

Go to examination enrollment and login to access the exam enrollment link - this is only available to candidates who are eligible to sit the exam. On registering for the exam you will be sent an email that includes the exam access link.  In addition, the link will be included in the AIRA Order Confirmation or through https://courses.aira.org.au/dc. 

For further information, please contact the AIRA Secretariat on (02) 9872 9100 or email administration@aira.org.au.


Please be advised:  this link is only available to those who have completed the full Certification Program.  You will need to be logged onto the website to access the page.