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2021 Archive Webinars

AIRA Small Cap Virtual IR Meeting | September 2021

AIRA Small Cap Virtual IR Meeting | September 2021
AIRA's 2021 Small Cap Virtual Investor Relations Meeting topic in September was Practical tips for small companies on how to boost market engagement during the busy reporting cycle.

With guest-speakers:
• Anita Costa - Senior Analyst - MST Financial
• Ben Rebbeck - Executive Director - First Advisers
• Kitrina Shanahan - Chief Financial Officer - HUB24
• Moderator: James Powell - Chair - AIRA Small Cap Chapter - Investor Relations - Distribution Manage - Rural Funds Group Limited

AIRA Webinar | Annual Report Verification Best Practice

AIRA Webinar | Annual Report Verification Best Practice
With annual reporting time fast approaching for many, IRO's are faced with managing a process that is often termed "the most painful part of the entire job' ... verification.

Aligned to the global Integrated Reporting movement, the release of ASX Recommendation 4.3 encourages listed entities to disclose their processes for verifying the integrity of any periodic corporate report released to market that is not audited or reviewed by an external auditor.

This leads to some key questions:

What is verification best practice?
How can verification be made less painful & more efficient?
What process will satisfy entities that reporting is materially accurate, balanced and provides investors with appropriate information?
How can entities demonstrate compliance with Recommendation 4.3 to the ASX?

In this webinar, we will hear from Coles Group Limited & Atlas Arteria on how they have answered these questions and transformed their company-wide approach to verification.


Lisa Zimmet, Head of Investor Relations for Coles Group Limited,
Jeanette Royce, Director, Investor Relations for Atlas Arteria,
Moderator Tom Ray, Head of Growth, Atticus


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ASX Guidance Note 8 Update - January 2021

On 9 December 2020, ASX released changes to Guidance Note 8 that cover some COVID-19 related issues and more importantly provide issuers with enhanced guidance on when to disclose a material difference between expected earnings and consensus. This webinar will talk through the changes and their relevance to listed companies. In particular, it will provide advice around new requirements for companies who:
• currently provide Guidance and
• do not provide Guidance
Changes largely related to sections 7.1 to 7.3 of the Guidance Note and worked examples F and G in Annexure A.

AIRA Webinar | NZX Surveillance Tools

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2020 Archive Webinars

AIRA 2020 Half Day Virtual Conference

In AIRA’s 20th year we paused for the pandemic, recognised a new IR normal and the role it plays within listed entities. Listen to this webinar to hear leaders in investor relations and capital markets at the AIRA 2020 Half-Day Virtual Conference as they address the key learnings from this challenging year. Discover emerging mega trends, new practices, and find the IR silver lining from 2020 to enrich your IR strategy in 2021 and Beyond.

AIRA 2020 Half-Day Conference Lunch & Learn | COVID According to the Markets

Hosted by Computershare, this event will provide context to investor relations professionals around the investor landscape and how it has been impacted by the COVID pandemic, looking through the lens of both institutional and retail investors.

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Small-Cap -November 2020 - Archive

Navigating the media landscape goes beyond publishing press releases or having a presence in the right social media channels. Just as important is maintaining a consistent and steady narrative with investors and the broader community. Investors’ expectations of what a company should report on is also evolving - ESG performance is becoming increasingly important.
Responding to new investor requirements while maintaining a consistent narrative can be a challenge, especially for small cap companies that may have limited media resources.

Managing Consensus as we transition through the Pandemic

While we are still riding out the social and economic shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, how can IRO's effectively manage consensus during a time of such volatility and uncertainty? This webinar covers how the sell-side, buy-side and IR practitioners are managing consensus during a time in which companies are retracting guidance and analysts are holding off on updating their models. Leveraging Visible Alpha's up-to-date consensus estimates, this webinar includes a look at how the equity markets are expecting the recovery to play out. The panel shares insights into how the investment community are forecasting the impact and recovery of each sector and what it means for IR practitioners. Learn what the sell-side is taking into consideration for their forecast models and what IR practitioners can implement, all while aiming to manage and benchmark against consensus.

Webinar | NZX Continuous Disclosure Guidance Update

NZX talk through the changes to their recently released Continuous Disclosure Guidance and describe how Issuers should manage their continuous disclosure obligations when an Issuer experiences performance that differs from market expectations. The revised Guidance was issued on 19 October 2020.

Kristin Brandon, Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, NZX
Chris Holland, Team Leader, Issuer Compliance, NZX

Webinar | How are Investors Approaching 2020 AGMs

This webinar discusses how the pandemic has seen investors are applying even greater scrutiny to the appropriateness of remuneration structures, culture, ESG risk management and board composition. There is now an expectation from large investors that Boards will apply their discretion to reduce or withhold incentives, and factor in considerations that serve a broader corporate and social purpose over the long term. There is no doubt, given recent high-profile examples, that shareholders do have the power to bring about change within an organisation.


Alison Ewings | Head of Engagement, Regnan
Mike Harut | Manager, Equities Research and Engagement, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI)
Jana Jevcakova | Senior Director, Corporate Governance, Morrow Sodali

NZ vIR Update 2020 - Recent Trends in Corporate Actions

New world trends are becoming the norm as companies rewrite the playbook to adapt to the constantly changing environment that we are now operating in. Over the last three months we have seen significant growth in the corporate action landscape and, in particular, companies who have had to raise capital to see them through this crisis. The conduct of Annual Meetings has moved away from a traditional “in-person” event to either a hybrid or a virtual only meeting and there has been an upwards trend in mums and dads who are wanting to dabble in the share market. Our expert panel talks about their own experiences and share with you some of their key learnings and provide guidance around the practical implications for investor relations professionals.

A New Model of Corporate Access: What Does it Look Like?

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink post-results marketing activities and how we engage with the investment community, both domestic and offshore. Heading into a key reporting cycle it is imperative that Companies have a clear plan, one that meets buy and sell-side expectations in the current environment. This webinar provides some practical tips around conducting virtual roadshows, virtual group meetings organised by brokers, virtual investor days and participation in virtual broker conferences. What is the current appetite for meetings? How do you target offshore investors today? What does investor engagement look like in this new virtual world? Our panel discusses how IRO’s can structure their own corporate access to benefit from today’s virtual environment.

NZ Continuous Disclosure Obligations during COVID-19

One of the major challenges NZ IR professionals are facing in this quickly moving 2020 environment is managing guidance and consensus. How do you present your company when 48 hours later it may look different? When should you publish, update, or withdraw guidance? What have NZ companies been doing well and what should be avoided? And, for companies who need to withdraw their dividend, how do they manage expectations / communicate this to shareholders.

?This webinar looks at these challenges and provides some practical tips on organising roadshows in the current environment.

IR Strategies and the Rise of Passive Investors & ESG

In a 2020 survey* of Investor Relations Professionals from ASX 200 and NZ 50 companies looking at Capital Markets Developments that are impacting investor relations practice, ESG rated # 1 and Passive Investors in the top 3. In this webcast three senior investor relations professionals talk about the impact they are seeing on their IR strategy and the changes they are needing to make to accommodate the changing landscape. Amongst other things, the session looks at share price volatility and issues associated engaging with these investors.

*Newgate Research conducted this research on behalf of AIRA in January / February 2020.

ANDREW BOWDEN | Head of Investor Relations, Westpac Group
JAMES HALL | General Manager, Corporate Finance, AGL Energy Limited
ROSS MOFFAT | Head of Investor Relations, Telstra Corporation Limited
Moderator: ANN DIAMANT | Senior Vice President Investor Relations, Oil Search Limited

Accessing Offshore Investors

The current Roadshow landscape, according to an AIRA member survey, is one of the greatest issues of concern for investor relations professionals. Listed entities are struggling to build efficient meeting schedules and investor relations professionals are finding it more difficult to boost levels of interest with investors, particularly in the US. Broker conferences are often dominated by hedge funds and active funds are requesting more direct access with listed entities to avoid corporate access costs. On top of that, you have the rise of passive investors and the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

This webinar looks at these challenges and provides some practical tips on organising roadshows in the current environment.

Stephen Forman | Managing Director, Union Square Capital Advisors
Andrew Driscoll | Group Manager Investor Relations, Fortescue Metals Group
Chris King | Senior Vice President , OTC Markets Group International Inc
Moderator: Sean O'Sullivan | Vice President, Investor Relations, Brambles Limited

Annual General Meetings: will the Pandemic define the norm?

The webinar looks at how regulators, governments and listed entities have had to rethink General Meeting processes and adapt promptly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings still have to take place, but what should they look like and what technology should be used?

With the Determination issued recently by the Federal Treasurer, The Hon. Josh Frydenberg, MP to extend the provision that enables listed entities to hold virtual / hybrid meetings and distribute notices of meetings electronically for the next six months, this webinar provides critical intelligence around key learnings from early adopters and how these meetings have been perceived by regulators and retail investors.

Capital Raisings | Lessons Learnt from the COVID-19 Pandemic

The sudden impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the unexpected increase in the need for Australasian companies to strengthen their balance sheets through equity raisings whether it be an institutional placement or a share purchase plan. In order to help companies weather this storm the federal government have extended their capital raising provisions to allow companies to raise additional capital should they so require.

Our experienced line up of speakers talk about some of the trends they have seen and key learnings from their own experiences.

Virtual Investor Relations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Engaging and communicating with investors is now more critical than ever. With the COVID-19 disruption and the impact of social distancing requirements on delivering in-person events, investor relations professionals have had to rewrite the playbook. Virtual Investor Relations (vIR) has become the new norm.

We are seeing increased participation from companies in virtual broker conferences and Q&A sessions, virtual post-results roadshows, investor days, general meetings and other material events solely using technology.

On this webinar, three investor relations professionals with share their experiences in their own virtual events.

ASX Compliance Update: Materiality & Continuous Disclosure

This webinar provides listed entities with clarity on two Compliance Updates that have recently been released by ASX including amendments to Guidance Note 8 and also continuous disclosure obligations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members were notified of these changes as follows:

3 March 2020 – ASX Compliance Update - Amendments to Guidance Note 8 (dated 28 February) which includes a revised materiality test for changes in earnings for ASX300 companies to nearer 5%, and on

31 March – ASX Compliance Update was issued around COVID-19 and managing continuous disclosure obligations.

This webinar will provide listed entities with an overview of the Compliance Updates and provide some guidance on the practical implications for investor relations professionals.

• KEVIN LEWIS, Chief Compliance Officer, ASX Limited
• QUENTIN DIGBY, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Changes to Guidance Note 8

On 23 August, ASX released, inter alia, an update to Guidance Note 8 Continuous Disclosure - Listing Rules 3.1 - 3.1B. These changes are related to dealing with stale analyst forecasts impacting consensus and the ability for an issuer to exclude stale forecasts from broker forecasts published on its website where that is made clear. Join to hear how these changes are how they will affect your company.

Quentin Digby | Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
Kevin Lewis | Chief Compliance Officer, ASX

ECVIRC - August 2019 - Archive

Inaugural AIRA ECVIRC meeting on TOP TIPS FOR RESULTS REPORTING AND ROADSHOW PLANNING FOR EMERGING COMPANIES. SPEAKER: Andrew Wackett, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Fleetwood Corporation Limited

2019 Half-Day Seminar Webcast

AIRA’s leading mid-year event is designed to provide investor relations professionals in Australasia with a platform to benchmark, network with and share ideas on topics that focus on the practice of investor relations and HOT topics and challenges that are at the forefront of the industry.

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The Hidden Cost of Investor Meetings

In a world post-MiFID, investor relations professionals need to take greater ownership of engaging with the buy-side and have greater involvement in organising investor meetings and roadshows. WeConvene’s Founder and CEO, Radek Barnert looks at the true costs of meetings with investors to listed entities, changes in corporate access and what that means in terms of monetary, opportunity and time costs.

The webinar discusses:
- how quickly the ‘democratised’ corporate access model is emerging and what it means to IROs,
- evidence that MiFID II is spreading well beyond Europe means no one can hide,
- facilitating engagement practices in the new environment, IROs and the C-suite need to understand the hidden cost of corporate access, and
- new strategies for better investor interaction management.

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Investor Relations In The Driver’s Seat:

Insights From The 2017 BNY Mellon Global IR Survey

What new global trends are emerging in the IR profession?
How are IR professionals dealing with critical developments in the market as well as shifting their focus for shareholder targeting?
How does ESG factor into all of this?

This webinar discusses these issues based on the results of its 2017 Global IR Survey, the longest running and most comprehensive global investor relations survey, which provides insights to help IR professionals understand developing trends and benchmark their IR practices against those of their peers.

Topics of discussion include: Impact of Regulatory; ChangesThe Market Cap Challenge; Growing ESG Engagement; The Growth of Passive Investment; Gender Equality in the IR Profession; and and more…

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Strategies For Accessing Offshore Investors In The New MiFID

The webinar looks at the post-MIFID II world, how has the role of the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) changed in terms of investor outreach? What are the best ways to target the “right” investors? What is happening with funds flow into and out of Australia?

Areas they will focus on include: Corporate access, coming from empirical research from the buy-side and global IRO’S; money flows to and from the Australian market; and where are the major investor hubs IRO’s should be focusing their attention on.

Presented by Market Eye - 2018 AIRA Professional Development Partner

Please note, this webinar is open to Corporate Members only.

2018 Half-Day Seminar Webcast

AIRA’s leading mid-year event is designed to provide investor relations professionals in Australasia with a platform to benchmark, network with and share ideas on topics that focus on the practice of investor relations and HOT topics and challenges that are at the forefront of the industry.

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