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The offer:


Receive a 30% discount off a Corporate narrative workshop

An organisation’s corporate narrative is the basis for its messaging and positioning strategy. The current climate will force many organisations to adjust their narrative to suit the new demands of their business and the concerns of their audience.

At Designate we have been helping Australian companies of all sizes define their story for 28 years. As proud members of AIRA we want to help your business communicate better. 


Stakeholder engagement is critical to a successful process. The workshop allows key stakeholders to come together in a facilitated session to discover and explore directions for the corporate narrative. Opportunity to audit existing messaging and review recent trends in corporate messaging can also be taken. 

Competitor analysis

An organisation’s corporate narrative is the basis for its messaging and positioning strategy. Developing a robust understanding of the competitive landscape will help carve out a message that is both representative of the overall business strategy and relevant to its context, distinct from competitors and memorable to cut through the noise. 


  • Arrive at direction for corporate narrative and key messaging 
  • Summary of key findings delivered post workshop via report  -
  • Workshop (2 hours / up to 8 participants) 
  • Competitor analysis (up to 3 competitors)


Ben Fletcher
Phone: 02 9299 7711
Email: ben.fletcher@designate.com.au
Website: www.designate.com.au

Company overview:

20 years of award winning reporting, working with Australasia's leading companies. Designate Investor works with clients to inform and influence the market's decisions by taking a strategic approach to reporting communications. This is done through multi-channel reporting in online, print and new media, with a strong focus on best practice content and communication and creative design.



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