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Companies who are listed on the ASX or NZSE (or any other exchange as approved by the AIRA Board) are eligible to join the Association as a Corporate Member. The member entity nominates a representative who is the primary contact with the Association.  In addition, the member entity is able to nominate as many employees as it feels relevant as 'additional representatives'. Additional representatives are eligible to receive the same benefits of membership as the primary contact.   Other individuals whom an entity might like to nominate as alternative representatives include employees involved in the investor relations function, Board Members, CEOs, CFOs, Company Secretaries, and those involved in Public Relations, Public Affairs and Marketing.

Corporate Members have voting rights.

Unlisted companies are able join as corporate members on the basis that they are going to list.  The lowest fee level is applicable to any unlisted company wanting to join until such time that they list.  After listing, AIRA's ordinary fee structure applies.


To apply for Corporate Membership, please scroll down and click on the Purchase Membership button below. 

To download the AIRA Code of Conduct, please click here.


AIRA is dedicated to helping listed entities achieve excellence in investor relations.  Today we have 160 corporate members representing over A$1.2 trillion of market capitalisation, and over 80% of the total market capitalisation of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Our corporate membership category offers a variety of information tools and educational offerings free or at special rates for all Corporate Members.  

Information and Knowledge

AIRA provides a myriad of information tools that assist members to keep abreast of investor relations and disclosure issues. Corporate Members have access to:

  • a members update;
  • a members only website area that includes free downloads of all AIRA released material including archives to webcast of past luncheon briefings (also available for podcast download), survey results, submissions and best practice guidelines;
  • a Directory of Service providers; and
  • a Corporate Member Only Calendar that allows company's to publish key dates to assist with the future planning of financial results announcement, site tours and roadshows.

AIRA also conducts or commissions a number of important industry surveys on relevant and topical issues such as "The Role and Practice of Investor Relations Across Australian Listed Entities" and an annual survey on "Investor Relations Remuneration".


AIRA is positioned as the only industry body representing the collective views of listed entities on issues regarding continuous disclosure and governance to government, regulatory bodies, the media and the investment community.

Education, Training and Professional Development

AIRA recognises the importance of formal education and professional development for individuals involved in the investor relations or related functions within listed entities. AIRA hosts a number of events and Professional Development courses:

  • A series of luncheon briefings - free for members to attend. Topics have included: Managing Market Expectations; Australian Companies to Engage US Investors; Post Annual Reporting Communication; Short Selling & Stock Lending; Global Trends in Investor Relations; Environmental, Social & Governance Seminar; AIRA (in conjunction with ASX) Consensus Estimates Seminar and Equity Capital Raisings: Lessons Learnt & Practical Tips.
  • The Annual AIRA Conference and Best Practice Investor Relations Awards & Gala Dinner. This is the Association's signature event and provides the largest gathering of investor relations professionals in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Certificate of Investor Relations. In response to an increased requirement for specialised investor relations training, the Australasian Investor Relations Association has launched a Certificate of Investor Relations course. Derived from the 7 course modules delivered throughout Day 1 of AIRA's Diploma of Investor Relations course, the Certificate course can be undertaken in one of two course delivery modes: online by computer-based e-learning, allowing you to work through each module at your own pace in your own time; or

    face-to-face training by attending the Day 1 program of AIRA’s Diploma of Investor Relations course. On completion of the full 7 modules via either study option, students may elect to sit an online exam. On passing this exam, they will be awarded a Certificate of Investor Relations.

  • Diploma of Investor Relations. This 3 days course is run annually in Sydney and Melbourne and it is the only specialised investor relations training course in Australasia that awards a qualificiation in Investor Relations. Day one has been specifically designed as a stand-alone course for those new or recently appointed to their first IR role. By the end of the day, participants will have the tools and techniques to run an annual IR programme within the myriad of regulation and understand the needs of all stakeholders. Days two and three have been developed as an intensive course for experienced investor relations professionals or individuals who have completed day one as a stand-alone course. A combination of presentations and case studies will assist practitioners to explore recent developments and current IR issues. On completing all three days of the course, participants may undertake a one-hour online exam. On passing this exam individuals will be awarded with a Diploma of Investor Relations by the Australasian Investor Relations Association and may use DipInvRel post-nominals.
  • Specialised Investor Relations Programs. We cater for your spcialised Investor Relations training needs, whether you are a micro, small, mid cap or large cap company. Based on increased training demands of our members we are now also branching into specialised in-house training on disclosure and disclosure-related issues.


AIRA provides a number of forums where members are able to share experiences and exchange views. We host regular meetings for corporate members only in all major capital cities in Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. The importance of networking is always taken into account when we are developing seminar and conference programs.


Corporate Membership fees are based on a sliding-scale depending on the entity's market capitalisation.  Rankings are calculated on your company's market capitalisation* ranking as at close of business on Friday prior to lodgement of the membership application form.  Fees have been set as follows:

  • A company ranked within the ASX Top 20 – $9,050 (plus GST), joining fees for new/lapsed members $1,000 (plus GST)
  • A company ranked within the ASX 21 to 50 – $7,350 (plus GST) joining fees for new/lapsed members $800 (plus GST)
  • A company ranked within the ASX 51 to 100 – $5,100 (plus GST) joining fees for new/lapsed members $600 (plus GST) 
  • A company ranked within the ASX 101 to 150 – $3,050 (plus GST) joining fees for new/lapsed members $500 (plus GST) 
  • A company ranked within the ASX 151 to 200 – $1,500 (plus GST) joining fees for new/lapsed members $400 (plus GST) 
  • A company ranked outside the ASX 200 – $990 (plus GST) joining fees for new/lapsed members $200 (plus GST) 
  • Unlisted company who is looking to list – $990 (plus GST)** joining fees for new/lapsed members $200 (plus GST)

The membership period is from 1 July to 30 June.

*Market Capitalisation is based on ASX rankings (i.e. total number of shares on offer X by share price) and NOT on S&P/ASX Index inclusion or ranking.

**After listing the fee structure will revert to the ordinary fee structure for a listed company.

ASX Rank:


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