Investor relations professionals come from diverse backgrounds and are employed by organisations across all industries.

AIRA recognises the importance of professional development and, while not a requirement of membership, encourages investor relations professionals to undertake ongoing education and learning such that professionals enhance their skills, develop their capabilities and maintain professional currency.

This is especially important in areas of investor relations impacted by regulation and where that regulation evolves over time.

AIRA provides extensive learning and development opportunities throughout the year to provide investor relations professionals with specifically tailored and relevant development.

While AIRA has no formal requirement for investor relations professionals to undertake professional development (ie this is undertaken on an entirely voluntary basis), it has developed a suggested framework that professionals might consider in relation to fulfilling their development objectives. The suggested framework has been developed to emphasise the importance of investor relations specific activities although professionals are likely to benefit from a much broader range of development opportunities of relevance to their roles.


Suggested target for Investor Relations Professionals is 20 hours of professional development. Please note that 13 of the 20 hours should be accrued directly with AIRA.

AIRA Courses  
Certificate of Investor Relations (Day 1 only) 7 CPD hours
Diploma of Investor Relations (Day 2 & 3) 14 CPD hours
Diploma of Investor Relations (Day 1/ 2 / 3) 21 CPD hours
Investor Relations for Support Staff
7 CPD hours
AIRA E-Learning  
Certificate of Investor Relations (7 Modules) 7 CPD hours
Write for Impact - Business Writing Essentials 5 CPD hours
General Webinars 2 CPD hours
AIRA Conferences  
Annual Conference (full day) 7 CPD hours
Annual Conference Dinner 1 CPD hour
Half-Day Symposium 5 CPD hours
NZ Annual Update & Cocktail Party 5 CPD hours
AIRA Networking Events  
State Chapter Luncheons 2 CPD hours
Senior IR Dinner 2 CPD hours
Large-Cap Dinner 2 CPD hours
Mid-Cap Dinner 2 CPD hours
Small-Cap - CEO/CFO Lunch 2 CPD hours
Speaking Engagements  
Presentation (1 hour) at AIRA's Courses, Conferences and Events 3 CPD hours
AIRA Paper Preparation 3 CPD hours
Investor Relations Specific Papers 4 CPD hours
Investor Relations Professional Reading 5 CPD hours
AIRA Mentoring Program (per meeting) 1 CPD hours
General Meetings  
AIRA Group Meetings 2 CPD hours
Committee Meetings  
Issues Meetings 2 CPD hours
Conference Meetings 2 CPD hours
Event Meetings 2 CPD hours
AIRA Board Meetings  
Attendance at Board Meeting 2 CPD hours
External Events  
External Event (not organised by AIRA) 1 - 2 hours 1 CPD hours
External Event (not organised by AIRA) 3 - 4 hours 4 CPD hours
External Event (not organised by AIRA) 5 - 6 hours 6 CPD hours
External Event (not organised by AIRA) 7 - 8 hours 8 CPD hours


AIRA Members can record their CPD hours online, log in with your username and password, click on My Profile then on the Edit Profile button, click on the CPD tab and add a new record by clicking on the + sign. Select the relevant activity from the drop down box. Please don't hesitate to contact AIRA on +61 2 9872 9100 if you have any questions. 



AIRA's CEO Ian Matheson covers everything you need to know about our CPD Program and our Mentoring Program.


Click here to download AIRA’s Code of Ethics.