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Professional Development

Online, e-Learning (ON).
31 Dec 2017 - 26 Feb 2020
12:00 PM - 12:00 PM
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The AIRA Certificate of Investor Relations is a e-LEARNING short course offered as a foundation-level, self-paced learning program via online access.

With convenient anywhere/anytime access, studying the Certificate program online gives you the flexibility to study the learning materials over time at your own pace.

Consisting of 7 individual modules derived from the AIRA Diploma\'s introductory presentation sessions, the Certificate course aims to provide practical knowledge and skills covering the essentials of investor relations practice that you can readily apply to the workplace:

     •           Module 1: The Practice of Investor Relations

     •           Module 2:   The Practice of Capital Markets

     •           Module 3: Investors and their Drivers

     •           Module 4: An Introduction to Shareholder Targeting

     •           Module 5: The Language of the Capital Markets

     •           Module 6: The Regulatory Environment

     •           Module 7: Priorities of an Annual Investor Relations Program.

The Certificate is designed to meet the needs of new, aspiring and experienced IR professionals and others assisting or working in investor relations, corporate affairs, finance or executive management support roles to understand and appreciate what is involved in managing effective investor relations.


To begin studying for the Certificate, there is no requirement to fill in any enrolment form: simply select the course module/s for study below and complete your online purchase and payment for instant access.

You can buy the online Certificate program materials either separately, module by module or as a complete set of 7 modules.

Online exam: On completing study of all 7 modules, you may elect to take the online exam to obtain the Certificate of Investor Relations. The 30 minute exam comprises 20 multiple choice questions.

For information about the Certificate online examination, including the format, pass mark and exam dates, please click here.



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