Supporting Membership


This membership is available to companies that support or provide a service to the investor relations industry and have two or more employees. Supporting members do not have voting rights.

Service providers who are sole traders can join as a supporting member until such time as their number of employees rises to two or more.

Supporting membership allows companies that provide a product or service to the investor relations industry to showcase them to Australian and New Zealand listed entities. 

Benefits available to supporting members include:

Access to information

AIRA provides many information tools that assist members to keep abreast of investor relations and disclosure issues. These includes:

  • Members updates;
  • Member-only website access (live and archive webcasts, survey results, industry submissions and best practice guidelines).
  • Access to promote your company in AIRA’s IR Market Place - a Directory promoting providers of specialist IR services.
Education, training and professional development

AIRA recognises the importance of formal education and professional development for individuals involved in the investor relations or related functions within listed entities. It offers members a voluntary CPD program and provides access to:

  • annual conference and awards dinner,
  • a number of specialist IR courses,
  • segmented networking dinners,
  • segmented networking luncheons,
  • state-based member luncheons, and a
  • comprehensive webinar program.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

AIRA supporting membership offers companies the platform to leverage targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities. These include:

  • Advertising Online
  • IR Market Place
  • Website banner advertising.
  • Newsletter advertising/advertorial

AIRA offers annually three partnerships and a number of sponsorship opportunities to suit any budget and marketing objective.  We work closely we our sponsoring companies to ensure a good outcome.  Sponsorship is offered across a number of events in Australian and New Zealand including the Annual Half-Day Seminar, New Zealand Annual Half-Day Update and our Annual Conference and Best Practice Investor Relations Awards & Gala Dinner.  

Code of Conduct

On joining AIRA, the Association urges compliance with a Code of Conduct by positively communicating the ideals of professional ethics and practice rather than imposing sanctions. For more information and download the full Code of Conduct, please click here.

Membership Period

AIRA's membership commences on 1 July and ends on 30 June. This membership type doesn't offer pro-rata membership rates.

2021/22 Fee Schedule (New and Expired Members)
  • 10+ employees - $3,590 + GST, joining fees for new/lapsed members $200 (+ GST)
  • 2 - 10 employees - $1,100 + GST, joining fees for new/lapsed members $200 (+ GST)

NB: Sole traders are eligible to join as Associate Members.

The membership period is from 1 July to 30 June.

2021/22 Fee Schedule (Renewals - Existing Members only)
  • 10+ employees - $3,590 + GST
  • 2 - 10 employees - $1,100 + GST