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The offer:

Complimentary offers until 30 September 2020:

  • Consulting: Three hours for discussions on any matters or review of documents. Discounted rates apply thereafter.
  • Board report: Merlin’s standard reporting dashboard. Where changes to a report are required, a discounted rate for time will be applied.

We are happy to discuss, on a case by case basis, offering discounted rates for the next 12 months for:

  • Accelerated rights entitlement offer support
  • Licence for AccessIR CRM system
  • Ownership reporting

All offers are subject to existing Merlin IR clients being given priority, any resource constraint limitations potentially delaying delivery time frames, and a payment schedule being agreed.


Annabel Cotton

Managing Director, Merlin Consulting Limited
Mobile: +64 27 473 7330
Email:   annabel@merlinconsulting.co.nz
Skype:  annabelcotton
Web:    www.merlinir.co.nz     www.accessir.co.nz

Company overview:

Merlin is New Zealand’s leading investor relations advisory firm. Having provided advice to clients for more than 15 years we have the knowledge and experience that New Zealand listed companies can rely on to help them successfully deliver investor relations programmes. Our work is purely investor relations focused.








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